Plastic Crates

solid wall
euro box

foldable crate 6411
foldable crate 6415
foldable crate 6418
foldable crate 6422
foldable crate 6426
foldable crate pf-3219
foldable crate pf-5319
foldable crate pf-5328
foldable crate pf-6421
foldable crate IC-6413
foldable crate IC-6415
foldable crate 103-10F
magnum container 45
magnum container 60
magnum container 70
container 70 dolly
nestable container 130
container 130 HD dolly
eurobox container 4311
eurobox container 4316
eurobox container 4322
eurobox container 4618
eurobox container 4622
eurobox container 4633
lid for eurobox 40X60
lid for eurobox 40X30
solid wall container 14
solid wall container 17
solid wall container 21
solid wall container 36
solid wall container 97
deep transportation container
31L solid flat container
36L stack nest container
57L stack nest container
solid wall container 45
20l solid flat container
organizer with optional adjustable dividers
sturdy box 5
sturdy box 8
sturdy box 9
sturdy box 10
16l clear box with hinged lid
mini tub
medium tub
large tub
deep tub
ventilated crate 1/3
ventilated crate 1/2
ventilated crate 2/3
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